Sir. Ian McKellan calls on Disney to make “The Dog and the Sailor” movie.

The Dog and the Sailor

Sir Ian McKellan Dog and Sailor Disney

Ian McKellen, National Treasure, LGBTQ+ activist and the revered, award-winning British actor of stage and screen known for his starring roles in 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'X-Men' films has shared the story of “The Dog and the Sailor” being discovered with his fans.

Sir Ian called on Disney to adapt the fairy tale as a movie, writing “Queer fairy stories? Well, at last, apparently. Mind you, we Brits might have suspected, brought up as we are on Christmas theatre pantomimes, with fairy tale plots and cross-dressing casts. Traditionally two women play the Prince and his bride and a bloke is the Dame. When the theatres reopen we should celebrate with a panto version of ‘The Dog and the Sailor’. Or we could leave it to Disney”.

Thanks Sir. Ian! What an honour! ❤️

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