Welcome to the COPYCATTERY!

I have created a series of Limited Edition, 2 Inch Figurines I have 3D modelled and printed called the COPYCATS. 

Copycats are excellent at multiplying and a number of them have been CLONED as NFTs... escaping to the Metaverse! Can you track them down and catch them?!

Copycat NFT by Pete Jordi Wood

The NFT CLONES are based on their REAL WORLD COUNTERPARTS. Each uniquely numbered Copycat NFT Clone has an identical sibling in the real world. You can browse the collection of figurines below (as and when they become available) and buy one using normal money to own one, and I'll mail it to you.

Alternatively, if you have a Cryptocurrency Wallet, such as Coinbase or Metamask, and some spare Ethereum to invest, you can head over to the OpenSea NFT Marketplace to buy an NFT Clone if you would prefer a Digital NFT Asset. If you really want to increase their value in your collection, why not collect BOTH the physical figurines AND a matching digital NFT Clone?! Then you would have art to sell on for a profit BOTH in the Metaverse AND in the real world!

Copycat Figurines


NFT CLONES & FIGURINES: Road Map / Info for Collectors & Investors

These NFT’s are for sale on OpenSea and are minted on the Polygon Blockchain to reduce Gas Fees for buyers.

Each NFT Clone is Signed and Numbered with a Unique Code. Some Copycat NFTs and their duplicate Figurines as this series progresses will be much rarer and more limited than others. For example, the Purple Copycat Clone pictured above is the very first NFT Clone and the very first Figurine created in the series. It is numbered 010101: the first two digits represent the Series (01) the second two digits represent the Copycat Character in the Collection (01) and the final two digits represent how many of this NFT there are in existence (01). For example, if a Copycat NFT Clone has a code 020510 then it is from the second series (02) and the fifth character design in this series (05) and there are 10 NFTs of this particular Clone available (10).

There are also an EXTREMELY LIMITED number of Copycat Figurines available per Series for sale in the "real world". Only ONE figurine is ever created of any character and displayed in my studio which is open to the public in Cornwall, U.K. This makes the real world figurines, in general, much rarer than the NFT Clones but they have exactly the same starting price as the NFT's when they go on sale. The figurines will drop the same day that their Clone NFTs are minted and put up for sale on OpenSea.

To make the first Series really special and collectible, ALL of the first generation NFT's will be limited to just ONE NFT CLONE per character with only ONE twin sibling figurine of this character available in the real world to collect! That's just 9 figurines in physical existence, and just 9 NFT's in the metaverse. The Figurines and the NFTs in Series 1 will ALL go on sale at a starting price of £25 each (with the NFT Etheruem prices matched as per the exchange rate on the day they drop). So get these super rare Copycats from Series One while you can!




The Copycat Figurines have dropped and you can purchase them here! Stay tuned to my Instagram for announcements about future collections. When a Figurine drops here, its NFT Clone will simultaneously drop on OpenSea for sale. Try and get a matching pair! Thank you for supporting x