KISSBOYS is a project that aims to provide some diversity and queerness to the emerging NFT Art Market. These cyborg aliens, streetstyle angels and superfly fairies all have only one thing in common… they like to kiss boys! The first collection in this Series features over 1000 unique, one of a kind, 1/1 images generated from the artist’s hand drawn illustrations and an algorithm that mixes traits of each character. Some of these collectible NFT’s are rarer than others, featuring unusual traits that only occasionally appear… can you find a super rare KISSBOYS NFT amongst the pack?


The first 100 NFT’s released include UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: instructions on how to claim your NFT as a limited edition 1/1 miniprint! Every buyer who purchases one of the first 100 NFT’s that drop can claim a real world 12cm by 12cm signed and numbered print which will be mailed to you via Royal Mail First Class delivery, wherever you are in the world. You can then display your unique NFT as a print in your home too! These prints will also be displayed in my Studio in Falmouth, Cornwall until the OG 100 NFT’s are sold out and claimed by their owners. You can stop by to see them up close and personal throughout January 2021.


Whilst each Kissboy NFT is a unique image, a number of Kissboys are more unusual than others featuring traits that are exceptionally rare. Finding a KIssboy NFT with a rare trait, or a combination of them, could make your NFT more valuable to collectors. Here are the rarest traits you should look out for:

Rarest Traits in each Class

Rare Traits (0-2%)

White Heart Background

Blue Fairy Wings

Blue Angel Wings

Blue Diamonds Tee

Green Alien + Blue Alien Couple

Blue Bandana

Pink Jeans

Red Glasses

3D Glasses

Devil Horns

Green Balaclava with Hearts

Pink Baseball Cap

Yellow Diamonds Tee

Red Spotty Shirt


Brown Crosses Tee


Red Denim Stud Shirt with Hearts


Coral Tiger Stripe Shirt 


There will be a number of NFT Drops for Series One with an escalating pricing structure, starting with the fIrst drop of the first #1-#50 Kissboy NFT’s on December 15th 2021. All NFT’s in Drop 1 will be priced at 0.0036 ETH which (at the time of writing) is £9.99. I’d love to price them much lower but I need to cover the cost of the Free Print and the Worldwide Shipping per NFT. After costs have been deducted I basically make zero profit on each sale, so it’s kinda a giveaway :). The second Drop is on December 21st 2021, with #51 - #100 going on sale, and just like the first drop these NFT's feature a FREE PRINT with each NFT. The price of the NFT's in the second drop will increase from 0.0036 ETH to 0.005 ETH.


More KISSBOYS from Series One will be released throughout 2022, with Drop Dates to be announced. However, these will not include a free Ltd. Edition print and will be priced higher than the OG 100… so it really does pay to get in early!

To view all of the NFT’s in the collection as they are released and receive drop announcements follow the KISSBOYS Instagram @kissboysnft or my twitter @petejordiwood. All NFT’s are being sold via the OpenSea NFT Marketplace at the artist’s store: This collection has been built on the Polygon Blockchain to reduce/eliminate Gas Fees for buyers and can be purchased with a valid Crypto Wallet and Ethereum. A second series of Kissboy NFT’s with new traits is currently in development. 


In addition a number of LIMITED, SPECIAL EDITION prints and other merch featuring some random new Kissboys will drop at random over the coming weeks and months. I’ll be displaying some of my favourites from the NFT Collection and the Special Edition prints in an interactive virtual gallery, here on my website, during 2022. So come back soon to check that out! You’ll be able to buy any Prints and Merch you like here in my online store.


I'm a working writer and illustrator and I also have set up a small illustration studio/gallery in a lock up unit in a shopping arcade where I live. I sell my own creations there, as well as art supplies for artists and I promote other local illustrators selling their work too. Selling NFT's is a way for me to try and earn enough to pay the rent on the unit to keep the studio going, keep making art, promoting other artists, and hopefully one day extending the concept into the Metaverse where I hope to buy some land and create a Queer focused NFT Art Gallery. So… your purchase of an NFT helps me get one step closer to making that dream a reality. Thank you :)