The Pinup Guys are a limited series of 15 NFT's based on a Vinyl Sticker collection I created. I decided to "MINT" this collection because at the time of writing the NFT market isn't that diverse, and I thought I should put some queerness into the Metaverse. This collection also means a lot to me as creating it originally marked a significant moment in my career as an artist...


A few years back I purchased a second hand sticker vending machine, which I took to a local gallery in the hope that they would put it in a corner somewhere and people could buy - for a £1 - a sticker from the machine. The stickers I created featured a bunch of really camp gay characters. I live in a town that isn't the most diverse place on earth, and there are few places for LGBTQ+ art… if any. 

Having initially agreed to the concept, when I took the machine in to install it the gallery owner was really hesitant to take it on. "But where would we put it? It's just not our aesthetic." After some convincing they reluctantly agreed to put it somewhere for a couple of weeks. I was stoked… my art would finally be in a real gallery! Yay!

But when my mate went in to buy a sticker, she couldn't find the machine. She asked one of the staff who said "It's behind that door… where we keep all our BEST art…" before laughing with his colleagues. 

My mate checked behind the door. They'd put it in the public toilets. 

So I went to the gallery, and I took my machine back, and I started my own gallery in my town. Well, it's more of a studio than a gallery. But, still. The sticker machine sits with me at the counter in the centre of the shop. And I sell lots of very queer art. See, sometimes we gotta make our own spaces. And this goes for the Metaverse too.

So, here are all the Pinup Boys in this collection. If you like them, they are for sale on OpenSea here, and there is only one of each available, with a starting price of 0.01 Ethereum which (at the time of writing) is around $45. But if you aren't into Cryptocurrency, or NFT's, and you just like the story, consider purchasing a pack of Pinup Boy vinyl stickers from my online store or better still, visit my studio to buy one, for just £1, from my sticker machine. Every sale helps me keep my little studio gallery going and is appreciated so much.