Queer Myths and Legends on Patreon (2021-Present)

Queer Myths and Legends


I started my Queer Myths and Legends project in 2021 on Patreon, and it's an ongoing project I hope to continue into the future. 

Every month I go in search of a tale from the world's ancient mythology with positive portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters. And every month I illustrate the gay demigods, lesbian mermaids or trans sword-wielding soldiers I have found. I then share this exclusively on Patreon. Every dollar pledged helps me to keep doing this research - and I hope entertaining you - bringing some of these wonderful, magical tales from ancient queer history to new audiences.

What's more, every quarter I send my Total Legend Tier Patrons an EXCLUSIVE collectible mini print of one of the myths or legends we've enjoyed together! Like a real print. Just for you. In the mail. To put on the wall. Yay!

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