The Dog and the Sailor: Virtual Exhibition (2020)

“The Dog and the Sailor” is an ancient, magical folktale first documented in the mid 1800’s. In this new English language variant, writer and illustrator Pete Jordi Wood joined forces with his cousin, sound designer Joe Dines, and actor Dino Fetscher to create an audiovisual experience during the Covid19 lockdown. Suitable for kids and adults alike, this charming LGBTQ+ fairy tale finally resurfaces for a new generation.

In separate homes in Kingston, West London and Cornwall the three lads created a virtual gallery featuring the story and its accompanying artwork and music, narrated by Dino, written and illustrated by Pete, with an original score by Joe. Celebrities including Sir. Ian McKellan and Russell T. Davies shared the story of the discovery of the tale with their followers.

The story of Pete’s discovery of the tale and how the lads turned it into a virtual exhibition and book was first featured in Forbes by journalist Jamie Wareham. In its initial 2 month run, the exhibition had over 10,000 visitors. A 32 page hardback children’s book was created by Pete to accompany the exhibition, limited to 1000 copies which soon sold out. It may be available in some libraries. The Virtual Exhibition has now been archived… but you can view it in full on Pete's Patreon!


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Pete also created the publication “Queeries: Essays on Queer Theory and Fairy Tales” which was a finalist in the Folklore Society’s annual award for folklore research. The essay collection was also a limited edition which sold out but may be available in some libraries also. Pete also created a Zine which includes the main essay about his research into “The Dog and the Sailor”, entitled “Where is my Prince Charming? Queer visibility in Fairy Tales”, a complete bibliography of his sources, and the story itself and all illustrations featured in the exhibition. The limited edition Zine is limited to just 500 copies and a few are left exclusively for sale in our online store if you would like to purchase one and are specifically interested in the research behind “The Dog and the Sailor”. You can purchase the Dog and Sailor Zine here, or scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

A new, extended publication of “The Dog and the Sailor” slated for release in early 2023 is currently being created by Pete with a major British publisher snapping up worldwide publishing rights. The Film & TV rights have been optioned by a producer in Hollywood. Stay tuned to Pete’s Instagram @petejordiwood for an official announcement really soon. In the meantime you can purchase the limited edition “The Dog and the Sailor Zine” which includes Pete’s original version of the fairy tale, and the research behind it, below!