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Drag Boiz, Ltd. Edition Riso Pin (#1)

Size Guide

With character art from his “Drag Boiz” series, these tiny framed Riso prints by illustrator Pete Jordi Wood are encased in a metal frame with a metal clasp on the back so it can be worn as a Pin. 

Riso printing is a form of printing developed in Japan that dates back to the late Twentieth Century. Using soy based inks, which have incredibly vibrant colours, a screen is created using rice paper, and the ink is pressed through it using a machine that uses low amounts of electricity. The sustainability of this process has meant that Risograph prints are experiencing something of a renaissance in recent years, and many illustrators have come to love the process. However, the machines are rare, and so Riso prints remain a relatively unusual type of print. 

This tiny print is just 1.5cm square, and has been carefully turned into a pin by hand. Each pin in the series is a limited edition of 50, and is numbered, attached to a lovely little card backer.

There are three pins to collect in the series.

Numbered and signed by the artist, each print has tiny variations and so each one is completely unique.