Pete Jordi Wood Midnight Swim Ltd. Edition Risograph Print

Midnight Swim Ltd. Edition Risograph Print

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This is a limited edition Risograph print by illustrator Pete Jordi Wood.

Riso printing is a form of printing developed in Japan that dates back to the late Twentieth Century. Using soy based inks, which have incredibly vibrant colours, a screen is created using rice paper, and the ink is pressed through it using a machine that uses low amounts of electricity. The sustainability of this process has meant that Risograph prints are experiencing something of a renaissance in recent years, and many illustrators have come to love the process. However, the machines are rare, and so Riso prints remain a relatively unusual type of print. 

This print is sold without a frame and delivered by mail in a cardboard tube. 

It is size A3. Limited edition of just 10 prints.

Numbered and signed by the artist, each print has tiny variations and so each one is completely unique.