Pete Jordi Wood Queeries: Essays on Queer Theory and Fairy Tales
Pete Jordi Wood

Queeries: Essays on Queer Theory and Fairy Tales

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*** A Limited Edition run. No Longer in Print. ***

Where are the queer fairy tales of the world? Did any ever exist, and if so, how do we find them? Join the quest as an #OwnVoices author and illustrator searches for his Prince Charming In folklore collections from the past and discovers sometimes wishes really do come true...

Whilst researching a Master of Arts degree at Falmouth University, Pete Jordi Wood discovered a centuries old queer fairy tale in a rare collection of folktales from the 1800’s. His own variant of the tale is perhaps the first conceived in the English language. Possibly dating back to the thirteenth century, the tale is here brought back to life and told anew. It is an unusual tale-type from the oral storytelling tradition featuring a positive portrayal of a queer hero.  

Although there have been diverse re-imaginings of queer fairy tales, the author’s variant of this story and its supported research here attempts to legitimise queer folklore’s place in history. In doing so, this little book sheds light on humanity’s enduring capacity for love and compassion towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Pete Jordi Wood published this essay collection - which includes the accompanying fairy tale - in an effort to encourage other marginalised voices in academia, in particular within the fields of illustration, creative writing, folklore, film and television studies, to share and promote one another’s research and practice.

Shortlisted finalist for The Folklore Society's Katharine Briggs Award.


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