Riso Art Club: “Top Up” Printing Voucher
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Riso Art Club: “Top Up” Printing Voucher

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We offer single Riso Printing vouchers to Riso Art Club Members who wish to print a single run / additional copies of Riso Prints and have artwork already prepared.

These vouchers are only valid for use by members of the Riso Art Club.

Riso Club Members can use a Top-Up voucher to print 10 additional two-colour Riso prints, or 20 x single colour Riso prints during a printing session. Your artwork for your print should be smaller than A4 in size, preferably around A5, to allow a decent size white border around the final design when it is printed on 170gsm art paper. This will reduce marks on the paper if you do a two colour print.

* Please note that Top Up Vouchers are exclusive to Riso Art Club Members and can only be exchanged for printing sessions by those subscribed to a current membership plan.