Sedna of the Sea Giclee Print
Sedna of the Sea Giclee Print
Sedna of the Sea Giclee Print
Pete Jordi Wood

Sedna of the Sea Giclee Print

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From my Patreon project "Queer Myths and Legends". 

A giclée print (frame not included) printed using a 12 colour print process, this piece is archival quality meaning it will stand the test of time.

In various versions of a story from Inuit mythology, Sedna is a sea goddess who lives with her female companion in the ocean depths. After being cast out of society for shunning marriage to the male suitors her father presents her with, Sedna is banished to the Ocean… but there she becomes the mother of many sea creatures, and finds companionship with Qailertetang. It’s an LGBTQ+ myth that provides hope for anyone who has been turned away from their family for being queer: that there’s still a family of your own making, and love, that you can find out there.

  • 240gsm
  • Available in A4, A3 or A2 sizes
  • Smooth Matte Finish


Wrapped in tissue paper and rolled into a cardboard triangular tube. All of the packaging used is plastic free, too!